City Services

City Hall

 202 W. Main Street - Phone 979/378-2559
Open Monday-Friday  1 - 5 PM, except City Holidays

Water/Wastewater Services

Water/Wastewater services are provided by the City for
 information contact the City Secretary, 979/378-2559.

City Cemetery

 303 S. Thompson St. - Call City Hall for Information

Plots: City of Fayetteville Resident - $500

           Fayetteville Zip Code 78940 Resident - $1,000

           Outside 78940 - $1500

Cemetery Directory - View A to Z

Cemetery Directory - Section A

Cemetery Directory - Section B

Cemetery Directory - By location

Directory Updated 9/12/17

Waste Management / Recycling Information

 800 Columbus Lane

Open Tuesday 1-5 PM  Recycling on this day
Open Friday 1-5 PM

Disposal site for trees and limbs only available at the City Trash Grounds 

Must use Fayette County Bags - Blue $3 or Pink $2
Bags are sold at the City of Fayetteville Office 202 W Main Street and Orsak's Cafe` on the Square