City Services

City Hall

 202 W. Main Street - Phone 979/378-2559
Open Monday-Friday  10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Closed City Holidays

Water/Wastewater Services

For connect / disconnect services or other questions related to Fayetteville Water/Wastewater services please contact the City Secretary at 979/378-2559.

Waste Management / Recycling Information

 800 Columbus Hall Lane

Open Tuesday 1-5 PM  Recycling on this day
Open Friday 1-5 PM

Disposal site for trees and limbs only available at the City Trash Grounds 

Must use Fayette County Bags - Blue $3 or Pink $2
Bags may be purchased at the City of Fayetteville office, 202 W. Main Street or at the Fayette County Recycling Center, 210 Svoboda Lane, La Grange, Texas.

City Cemetery

 303 S. Thompson St. - Call City Hall for Information

Plots: City of Fayetteville Resident - $500

           Fayetteville Zip Code 78940 Resident - $1,000

           Outside 78940 - $1500

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